US Media News: Meet Demeter Mojis, the Minimalist, Artistic Avatars of Emojis


What happens when a cute and adorable emoji meets artistic masters like Picasso, Kooning or Kline? The common, emotional language of the world gets an artistic makeover in the work of Demeter. “Contemporary Picasso” –Demeter now offering unique artsy emoji prints.

The Demeter Mojis have garnered attention worldwide and on social media for their abstract and minimalist twist, and a wide user base for personalizing homes, offices, restaurants, personal wear and more. Commercial emojis will never look the same again. Emojis have so far been known to perform a functional or emotion enhancing role in making messages better understood. They can talk across borders and cultures, but still left an artistic gap that required rethinking. Demeter Mojis have done precisely that. Drawn with scribbled black, white and grey lines they reflect the artist’s characteristic painting style – active, abstract and expressionist, while retaining the magic of minimalist contours.