US News: Emojis Get Cool ARTISTIC MAKEOVER With Demeter Mojis

Emojis Get Cool ARTISTIC MAKEOVER With Demeter Mojis

Emoji’s have, for the most part, become a hugely common section of normal life today. They play a huge role in culture and in the world around us in general. Having become a form of expression far larger than the developers ever thought, it’s time to start taking emoji’s a little more seriously.

This is why Demeter was launched. This is a form of unique, abstract expressionism. Used to help successfully explore ideas that are more minimalistic than other forms of art, this allows for a more specific style to be captured.

Using a specific and distinct painting style, Demeter draws with active, scribbled black lines that leave a very clear finish. Having taken influence from everyone from Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline to Robert Motherwell and Frank Stella, Demeter provides a unique style of artwork that’s a little different from the norm.

This shines through in her emoji work, for sure. The aim here is simple; to create another brand of emoji, a style that can becoming distinctive and stylish. Fame ad style is obviously the objective, but Demeter is all about creating a style that can fit in with many different trends and features around the world.

The idea of the emoji has exploded in recent years. Soft drinks giants Pepsi and Coca Cola have both launched very interesting and exciting new renditions of emoji-based advertising campaigns. With Coca Cola functioning around replacing their famous name campaigns for emoji’s, they have instantly captured a new demographic and put a new product on the market.

Pepsi are much the same, using emoji’s on cans and bottles to help create a lasting impression. Demeter is all about capturing this same kind of viral style; using the power of the emoji as a form of minimalistic expressionism.

It’s such a vital part of life, being able to express ourselves, and Demeter looks to give everyone the opportunity to promote themselves in the most stunning light possible. So, why not personalize yourself with some of the Demeter emoji’s?

These are designed as the perfect way to break away from the same looks as everyone else, and go for something a little more dynamic than beforehand. From artwork that can hang up in your home or enterprise to artwork that can be used to personalize features around your home or office, this makes it so incredibly simple for people to enjoy diversity.

Demeter was set up with the idea of helping people express and find the emoji that best sums up themselves. If you are looking for a simple way to define how you think or feel, then an emoji might just be the best option on the market for you to consider!