ABC News: Demeter Mojis Redefines Emojis With Unique Scribbled Strokes


Demeter Mojis Redefines Emojis With Unique Scribbled Strokes

Aussie artist Demeter brings in the cool flavor of scribbled minimalist line drawings to regular emojis to make them more fashionable, stylish and fun. Her brand Demeter Mojis assures unique personalized artsy emojis for modern communication.

Emojis are adorable with their cute round faces and popping funny eyes but how about some artsy strokes to them? Well, Australia-based abstract expressionism artist Demeter is redefining the emoticons as we see today through her artsy twists and lines that have already pulled in huge fan fare far and wide. Cool and fashionable, Demeter Mojis speaks of personalized emoticons to make trendy communication more fun than ever.

Emojis seem to be the order of the day when it comes to modern communication and with several tech biggies and corporate houses taking to emoticons for their business model; emojis are on an all-time high of late. Uniquely drawn, Demeter Mojis has rightly arrived in the heydays of emojis and the creative artist’s abstract minimalist strokes have rendered an unmatched out-of-box artistic makeover to them- making the emojis even more appealing for the big shot commercial advertising and promotional campaigns.

“From chat messages to high profile marketing campaigns, emoticons are just everywhere. But the usual round emoji face has been in the market for quite a while and I realized we need something fresh and new now without losing out on the adorable quotient of the usual emojis. Thus, Demeter Mojis was born with the zeal to bring in an artistic makeover for our typical emoticons that will assure the exclusive subtle twirl and make emojis even more appealing. Stylish, trendy and popular, they are all set to redefine personalized communication and expressions. If you want your emoticons to echo your elite taste in class and culture,  Demeter Mojis will do the honors for you”, stated Demeter while talking about her brand.

Speaking of her inspiration, she mentioned a generous influence of the great Cy Twombly’s abstract scribbled artworks. Demeter’s works follow the same style of line drawing and minimalist expressions as is admired in the legendary American painter-sculptor’s signature minimalist masterpieces. The abstract scribbled touch that characterizes her emojis is successfully fetching a huge attention on social media as well as a grand user base worldwide. From personal wear to personalizing homes, offices and workplaces, Demeter Mojis emoji artworks speak of great recognition all around.

Added to Cy Twombly, Demeter is also influenced by many other maverick painters such as Pablo Picasso, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella. Helen Frankenthaler etc.

Demeter’s abstract minimalist trendy emojis are available in a versatile range of expressions and there is an emoji for every feeling. Users can have them to get a cool artsy personalized touch to their desk, walls and even clothing. And yes, for all the modern fashionistas, her emojis would be fascinating ideas for head-turner personalized tattoos.

“Inspired by art and emotions, my emojis would be a great deal for anybody who loves art and emojis. You can use it for yourself or otherwise, my emojis would be treasured keepsakes as some of the most awesome gifts for any occasion.”

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